Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Split hot sperm in cousin's mouth

Split hot sperm in cousin's mouth

Split hot sperm in cousin's mouth

I am Kiran working in a MNC company in Bangalore and Hyderabad. I am 24 with a bit of fat around my belly. About my cousin, she is good and not too fat but with little admiring assets.

Coming to the story; after my 1st experience in my village I had a chance back in my aunt’s place where we had a function. To my luck the house we stayed in was being renovated and the ground floor was empty. She was there in the hall with some kids watching WhatsApp videos. I wanted to take bath and the bathroom in the ground floor was empty so I came down. The water was still warm so I had some time to be walking around. When I saw my cousin with the kids I was hard. She saw me and smiled and turned towards the kids again. I went there as though I was seeing the kids and just brushed her boobs.

She was afraid and said no not now from her eyes. But I was wild and nuts. I went to the adjacent room and was constantly calling her by hand signs and she was refusing. Later she made some courage and came in the room, I went mad and the 1st thing I did was kiss her lips and hold her tiny boobs. She was pleading me no but I didn’t care and just pulled my shorts and sprung out my dick. I made her jerk me and she was refusing.

I was upset as she was not ready. So I made a plan. I told her to go check the water for bath and she went in, I followed her and sneaked if anyone’s seeing and closed the bathroom door. Now I had all my rights. I started kissing her and biting her neck. She was still afraid saying someone might come so not now. But I didn’t care and dropped my pants and made her hold my dick. She was not interested but to my force age started stroking my dick. I wanted to eat her pussy but to my bad luck she was in her periods that day.

All these days I wanted to see her tits. That nite it was dark and I couldn’t see them and I wanted to waste no time and just pulled her kurtha up went down on my knees and started sucking those cute tits. They were dark and tasty. She was going crazy but was conscious. I wanted to waste no time. I begged her to suck me but she refuse as it may mess up and its function time. She did not listen to me and was leaving. I just wanted her to jerk me off and I made her stroke me till I jerk. She was OK with it and held my dick softly and was doing it soft and slowly. My balls started filling up and I was almost at climax. I don’t want any more play and just wanted to cum. I held her hands and shooted all my stuff in her palm and made her hand dirty. She pushed me say thing what is this and I smiled kissing her lips and told her I’ll be fucking u next time. For which she smiled and slapped my checks and was running away. For the final play I held her from behind went inside her kurtha and squeezed her boobs for some time making her feel some love.

She adjusted herself 1st. neatly tied her hair and fixed her kurtha. I opened the door of the bathroom checked for people and signaled get to run away from here. She went back and came back and kissed me and said come to village I’ll suck u. That’s all I wanted and I am waiting for my next visit to village.